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Our vast array of actuators extends from ISO/VDMA profile cylinders to compact short stroke, rodless and roundline cylinders to rotary actuators. Many held ex-stock to help you get the job done fast.


Roundline Cylinders

ISO and non ISO cylinders for a wide variety of applications. Available in diameters from 10 to 100mm and in single or double acting variants.


Compact Actuators

A range of ISO and non ISO compact and clamping cylinders available in diameters from 8 to 125m.

Iso/VDMA Cylinders

Norgrens’s tried and tested range of ISO/VDMA profile cylinders available in diameters from 32 up to 320mm. Available in both single and double acting variations.

Lintra Rodless cylinders

Exceptional range of lightweight double acting cylinders with stroke lengths up to 8500mm dependant on the diameter specified.

Slides and Guided Actuators

Combination of slide units and guiding/stopping cylinders both feature double actuation. The slide units feature long durable life and high guidance performance whilst the guiding/stopping cylinders feature accuracies of +/-0.02mm.

Rotary Actuators

Rotary vane or rack and pinion double acting actuators featuring rotation angles up to 360?. Ideal for applications that need rotary actuation instead of linear.

Stainless Steel

A range of quality stainless steel roundline cylinders that conform to the ISO requirements and are ideal for use in high corrosion environments.

Air Bellows

Norgren’s range of compact air bellows are ideal for use in applications that require short stroke and high force.


Reed and solid state magnetically operated switches which are suitable for all cylinder ranges with magnetic piston.

Classic Actuators

A range of tried and tested products, here you will find classics from Martonair and Lintra. 

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