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For the best Air Preparation, there are three individual elements to consider: Filter, Regulator and Lubricator. Traditionally, these elements can be purchased individually and it is not unusual to find these incorrectly fitted or for one to be missing.

The Norgren ‘box set’ concept takes away that potential by giving you one product, one part number, at one price – a total package. The unit is pre-assembled before despatch and also includes a strong mounting bracket, pressure gauge and an exhausting shut-off valve for isolation of the upstream supply.

Choose either a larger Olympian Plus unit, or the smaller Excelon unit.

Olympian  BL64-405

A unique plug-in yoke system, with ¼ turn release mechanism for units each having a built-in safety feature to prevent incorrect installation and potential unsafe removal, saving time and money.

The Olympian series offers metal bowls for greater protection against contamination and the series contains an automatic drain valve for safe removal of contaminant (filter only) – lowers risk of external damage and internal decay, also complies with local environmental rules.

Excelon BL72

With a modular ‘Quickclamp’ system – allowing units to be quickly and easily removed without disturbing pipework. Smaller units benefit from shorter downtime on replacement, approaching similar service times to the Olympian series.

Units are supplied pre-assembled, ready to be installed which reduces labour cost and installation time.

Combination Units

Norgren’s box sets pull together in a simple ready to go assembly all the elements needed for an efficient airline. Everything included to clean the air, regulate the system and lubricate the air. Choose from Olympian Plus, Excelon or the innovative modular Excelon Pro.


A range of high quality adjustable filter/regulators to eliminate problems due to poor air quality. Provides efficient removal of moisture and contaminants.


A  full range of in line air filters from Norgren’s Excelon, Olympian Plus and Excelon Pro ranges. Choose from general purpose filters or oil removal filters. 


Norgren’s range of lubricators provide accurate lubrication of downstream equipment. Airline lubrication has been proven in operation to extend the life of pneumatic equipment.

Pressure Regulators

A range of accurate pressure regulators for a wide variety of industrial applications. Choose from high flow, pilot operated or special purpose regulators!

Pressure Relief Valves

Designed to protect compressed air systems from over pressurisation, Norgren offers a comprehensive range of pressure relief valves.

Soft start dump valves

Norgren’s range of soft start dump valves allow for a controlled increase of downstream pressure on initial start up thus minimizing the risk of damage to system components. This range features both high forward flow capacities combined with high flow dump facilities.

Stainless Steel

General purpose and precision – Ideal for use in applications that are harsh, this range of stainless steel products offers regulators, filters, filter/regulators and pressure regulators

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